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Chicago Fact: Grant Park has seen two events of great importance for American culture - the 1968 Democratic Convention protests and the 2008 election night acceptance speech of Barack Obama.

Pub Crawl Tips

1) Think about the Drink. If we're picking you up from a restaurant or bar, you may not want to keep your coolers, beverages and cups underneath the table. Unless we're picking up from a residence or hotel, you might want to consider bringing the coolers/drinks to our clandestine lair/trolley barn/sales offices ahead of time. On the day of the event, your driver will ice down the drinks and have everything waiting for you on the Trolley.

2) Less can be more. Some ambitious Pub Crawlers try to hit seven bars in three hours in different neighborhoods in Saturday night traffic. Until we perfect multi-dimensional travel, this approach is not always advisable. We're game, though.

3) Plan ahead. Some clubs/bars will be happy to give you free entry or drink specials. Waiting in lines for entry and for service is a buzz kill.

4) Mix it up. Like a fine meal or a good movie, you may want to toss in at least one unexpected spot for the sheer novelty of it. Depending on your tastes, unexpected could mean Cheesy, Dive-y, Upscale, or Anywhere-you-never-pictured-yourself-going before.

5) Be Decisive. 1. Your friends are partying! 2. They can't think when they're partying! What happens when the Group tries to vote on where to go next? See 1. and 2.

6) Win Win. The best part is that you're already on a mobile party lounge. This means you'll have an amazing time whether or not you leave the Trolley!


Be Creative or Try a Theme

A recent bachelorette party for Gina Glockson (American Idol finalist, since we're dropping names) featured a game of clues to solve leading to various bars and sites where other family members and friends were hiding and ready to join the party.

Themed crawls such as "Sports Night", "Dangerous Dives", or "Tropical Madness" can make the night flow (sometimes literally!).

Make a wheel of fortune with bar names to have on the trolley... spin and win! Careful, Vanna's a lightweight.